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By filing a trademark application and registering it, a business can help protect their identity and prevent others from using their brand. Owning a trademark also helps customers easily identify goods and services in the marketplace. A trademark is an important business asset that increases in value as that business and brand grows.

When you decide to register your trademarks and patents in Mexico you can count with our law firm, agents and consultants in intellectual property. Our purpose is to provide a quality service and guarantee our clients a peaceful enjoyment of their intelectual and industrial rights in Mexico.

Our human resources with a high degree of specialization allows to us focus exclusively on the application of trademarks, patents and copyright in Mexico, this sets us apart from other law firms involved in general practice and where aspects of intellectual property are an area more. We cover our services in addition trademark search, sanitary register, defending the interests of our customers against acts of unfair competition, protection of trade secrets, and litigation in Mexico. We offer advice on patents, trademarks and copyrights in Mexico. We provide advice in the process of licensing trademarks, patents and developing franchises.

One of the element that most distinguishes to us is the ability of our legal firm to provide services relating to patents and in particular to everything related to patent searches globally in all fields of science  and technology, development of Analysing the state of technology drafting patents and patent claims and processing under the Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT in national and international stage.

Our practice not only encompasses all phases of registration of patents, trademarks and copyrights in Mexico but also provide to our customers with the services of development and implementation of strategies for protecting trademarks and patents worldwide, for which we have the best patent and trademark agents throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the World, which puts in hands of our customers the ability to implement comprehensive strategies with their products and services, regardless of the geographical area of their business interests.

We have a large customer base both domestic and foreign, natural and legal persons, to whom we offer our services of care, protection and defend their of intellectual property rights in Mexico and the World.

A close linkage between our agents, lawyers, consultants and engineers makes our firm an excellent choice for the protection of your brands and patents in Mexico. We know the way to link the efficient work of lawyers and engineers in order to offer our customers a complete service in the field of intellectual property, technological innovation and technology transfer in Mexico.

Our main factor of differentiating is the knowledge of our staff in the field of intellectual property, which leaves out any possibility of improvisation in such a delicate area, strategy and vital to business success such as Intellectual Property, this makes us an ally ideal for protecting your trademark, patent or copyright in Mexico. Our Legal Firm was born, grows and develops continuously covering all services in the area of intellectual and industrial property in Mexico with the sole intention to make available a quality service, efficient and flexible to enable it to grow your company in order for us to grow with you.

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